A Journey to Better Health

girl-1547601_960_720I have kind of started over with several things in life, which also includes changing the focus of tis blog. That’s not to say the original intent wasn’t important but I have just kind of lost the passion for it that I once had. The new direction I want to experiment with is writing about fitness. This is because I’ve been making some positive changes with my own health that I’d like to share with you.

I decided that 2017 would be the year that I get back to having a bikini body. What I mean is that I had reached a point that I wasn’t really 100% comfortable in my own skin or (more importantly) my health. I’m not saying I wanted to be 90 lb. or look like a starving lingerie model.   I primarily wanted to feel better and put myself in a position to avoid some of the medical issues that run in my family (I’m not comfortable going into detail about this but I think you get the picture).

It started with a visit with my physician (a step I’d highly recommend). She told me my weight was a little high for my height (that whole BMI chart thing). But she also said I was healthy enough to exercise and I could do whatever I wanted.

The next step was checking out a program review (on the Muscle Review website) that I kind of stumbled across while looking for information on women’s workouts. I knew there was/is a lot of bad information out there but this program looked like it was worth trying. I bought it, downloaded it, and also joined a gym soon after (a local gym was having a membership special that I took advantage of).

I began training pretty intensely and watching my diet. The results were not “overnight,” but after a few weeks I could really see and feel a difference. I gained a little muscle so the change in weight wasn’t necessarily drastic. I learned that muscle weights more than fat, so sometimes putting on muscle and losing a little fat changes your appearance more than it changes the number on the scale.

Right now I’m about halfway where I want to be in terms of my looks and health and I’m really happy with it. As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing anti-feminist about wanting to look and feel your best. Feel free to disagree with me, but that’s the way I see it.


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